New Years Celebration

January 1 - Mid-January

Collect New Year Tokens by completing quests to spend at the New Years Shop!

Survival (The Great Pandemic)

Mid-February until the start of March

Collect candy hearts to spend at L'amour Parlor or spend sP at the Zombie Den.

Atebus Revolution Masquerade

Late-March until start of April

Dance your heart out to earn trinkets to spend at the Steamworks Menagerie and Libertine Lounge.

Elwood Day

April 1st

Elwood generally celebrates Elwood day with a free gift!


Early May to Mid-May

Give friends flowers to earn Vesnali Coins, which can be spent at Esther's! You can find the flowers floating around the site and give them to your friends via their profile!


Sometime in the Summer

Visit the Brewery or one of the Neugarten Shops!

Subeta Anniversary

September 17th

Celebrate our birthday!

Keel Hauliday

September 19th to 29th

Practice your pirate-speak while shopping at the Freyalise Trading Company!


Mid-October until End of October

Visit Jaxon's pumpkin patch in between trick-or-treating! Don't forget to carve pumpkins for your pumpkin collection.


Mid-November until End of November

Visit Veta's Bonfire where you can throw in rreign items in hopes of getting a blessing from the Red Rreign or a wreathed rreign item. You can find rreign items floating around the site.


All of December

Visit Melody every day for a lovely free gift as well as a chance to get decorations for your Luminaire tree! Don't forget to throw a snowball or two at your friends using the snowtapult!

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