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Adam Lambert
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  • Name: Adam Mitchel Lambert
  • Born: January 29, 1982

I wanna lose my mind, like a maniac

To be perfectly honest with you I am not at all a fan of American Idol or the international iterations of it, but I will always be grateful to the American version of it for the role it played in introducing Adam Lambert to the world the way it did. He may not have won the season he was on, but he has certainly won many hearts all around the world since then. Including mine. I love his voice more than anything, but also his style and his sound.
But that voice though? To me, his voice is the only voice in the world to even come close to competing with Freddie Mercury’s for the spot of greatest voices the world has ever been graced with. Mr Lambert will have to settle with being runner up though as Mercury will never be dethroned according to me. But both of them will always have a permanent place in my heart.

And cross the line, never looking back

There are a lot of gems when going through the songs that Adam Lambert has released. I’ll get to which songs are my top ten in a little bit, but first I wanted to list some honorable mentions. These are songs that I also love but my desire to listen to them is very dependent on my mood for the day. Without further ado, the honorable mentions are: Cuckoo, Ghost Town, Whataya Want From Me, Sleepwalker, Shady, Never Close Our Eyes, Kickin’ In, Naked Love, Underneath, Another Lonely Night, There I Said It, Evil In the Night, The Light, Closer To You, Comin In Hot, Ready To Run and Feel Something.
Also, I feel like I have to mention these two songs as well even though they technically aren’t Adam’s songs, but he did sing them. First off, I’m a huge Avicii fan and I love the fact that he collaborated with Adam Lambert in the song Lay Me Down. It is definitely one of my favorite songs from the two of them.
And I have to mention Adam’s version of Cher’s Believe that he sang at the 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors as a tribute to the legendary diva herself. Every time I listen to his version of that song I get teary eyed as I sing along.

We're on the loose, getting crazy

And now for the top ten songs that I love by him. In tenth place we have the song Velvet. Right off the bat I have to say that I love the overall sound of his Velvet album. But the titular song is one of my favorites, from that album, for sure. It’s got a nice, smooth sound that feels like a mix between a groovy 70s sound and a more modern sound.
In ninth place we have Trespassing. I love it because it’s got what I would call the typical Adam Lambert sound. It’s bold and doesn’t care what others think.
Next up we have another one that gets on the top ten list for the same reason as the previous song. I’m talking about Sure Fire Winners. The biggest reason that it ends up higher up than Trespassing is because in this one we get to hear Adam sing with more of a rock voice. And I will always be a big sucker for good rock voices.
In seventh place we have Fever. Several of the songs on my top ten list will be somewhat similar ones to this one in the sense that they are all a bit provocative lyrically, which is one of the reasons I love them. I adore how unapologetic they are.
Next on the list is Pop That Lock, which is also a bit unapologetic like the last one. But it also has just an overall catchy sound and beat to it.
And now we move on to the top five songs on my list. In fifth place I have my favorite from the Velvet album, Superpower. It has powerful lyrics about not letting people put you in a box, or label you, and think that they know who you are. Just let people be who they are.
The top four places on my list are all songs from his debut album, which is by far my favorite one by him. And the fourth place goes to If I Had You. It’s got a nice beat, is fun to listen to and has some sweet lyrics according to me. But for the most part it’s a great party song.
Third place goes to Music Again. In the same vein as the last song this one also has sweet lyrics, a great sound and a wonderful beat.
The runner up on my list is the song that really opened my eyes to Adam Lambert as an artist. And that was For Your Entertainment. It’s by far the most unapologetic, and sexy, songs of his on this list. And once again it’s a song that has an amazing beat, and overall sound. And I absolutely love the high note in the bridge towards the end of the song!
So, what song is my number 1? Well, you’re about to find out. The first place on my list goes to no other song than Strut. It’s the best one of the unapologetic and amazing songs on that first album, according to me. I never tire of listening to it. And I love the lyrics, the beat, the sexy sound of his voice. Honestly, I don’t have anything that I don’t like about it.

And we've gone cuckoo

The fact that Adam Lambert ended up being the lead singer for Queen on their recent tours is honestly so fitting to me since I think that his voice is as close as we’re ever gonna get to the magnificence that was Freddie Mercury’s voice. And let’s face it, Queen has a history of being a bit out there (thanks to Mercury and his style) and Lambert fits that to a T.
I hope that Adam Lambert will have a long and fruitful career that will last for many years to come. Because I don’t want to think about living in a world where no new songs would be released by this amazing singer ♥️

Gonna party 'til they take us away


Text by me. Quotes from the song Cuckoo by Adam Lambert. Anthro art by Meth. Quote from the song Music Again by Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert photo found on Wikipedia, edited by me. Velvet background by MontyLov on Unsplash, recolored by me. Gold frame found on TopPNG.

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