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Snowdrift the Wintachilla

Legacy Name: GleamSnowette

The Glacier Tutani
Owner: PiplupMagby34

Age: 5 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: November 2nd, 2015

Adopted: 5 years, 7 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: November 2nd, 2015

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 9th


  • Level: 26
  • Strength: 62
  • Defense: 63
  • Speed: 62
  • Health: 63
  • HP: 63/63
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Books Read: 12
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Story by PiplupMagby34
Profile by PiplupMagby34

background by

A bucket of ice water, a gem filled with power, bottled ice, frozen orbs, and a frozen heart….These were the ingredients used to create an abomination… a monster….Me.

My name is GleamSnowette. I knew my purpose in life from the day I was born…Bring frozen terror across the world. My master built me a certain way so that I would have no empathy, no kindness, no feeling…just the desire to create a frozen wasteland. From birth I had very unique powers: the power to freeze anything instantly with just a small puff of my icy breath and the ability to manipulate frozen objects and make them do whatever I desire. The power to freeze anything caused any air around me to quickly turn cold, which was quite useful. Most tutani cannot live or move on land for very long because the air is not good for breathing. They must have water in order to fully live. I, on the other hand, simply need an area of cold air to keep my breathing stable. Since I can instantly chill any air around me, I have the ability to move around on land as much as I please.

I remember the day my master told me to go out into the world and achieve the purpose which I had been born for. I swam through the underwater gate which had been holding me in my master’s small lake. After swimming many feet, my telekinetic connection with the winter wind compelled me to surface. I rose up, out of the frigid seas, and began to float on the polar wind as if I was a feather. Many would be surprised if something like that happened to them, but I treated the phenomenon as if it was a common occurrence. I told the polar winds to bring me to a place of unending cold. The winds obliged and brought me to the Polar Fields, the winter desert of Subeta.

Most creatures shiver and fall under the endless frigid blasts in the Polar Fields, but not me, a creature born of the cold. I aimlessly wandered the winter terrain all day and simply lay down for the night in the midst of the icy blasts. After a few days in the Polar Fields, the unrelenting winds of ice wove through my body and entered my heart. My heart of pure ice grew stronger each day as the frigid winter winds touched it, and my powers grew stronger with my heart. Every once in a while, the freezing wind would touch my heart so strongly that I would make a strong Tutani cry and begin to use my power. The frozen air around me instantly turned solid and became snow, which would fall on the ground and I would move on. What was a barren wasteland to most became my strength and sustenance. At this point in my life, I was on my way to becoming the strongest creature of ice in the world.

I remember the first time I encountered the fairies. I was wandering the polar fields as usual when I saw a faint pink light in the frigid winds. I moved forward to get a closer look and got my first glimpse of a snow fairy, though I didn’t know what they were at the time. The snow fairy apparently noticed me, for it flew up to me and landed on my back. I began to feel a slight tickle as the fairy examined my body. I started to roll over and the fairy flew away. Sometime later, I opened my eyes and saw more lights glowing in the wind. Now curious, I followed the lights until I came to the edge of the Arctic Frost and saw a snowy plain. A lot of winter minions were playing in the plain and seemed very happy. When the minions saw me, some of them ran a short distance away while others marched up to get a closer look. A curious snowshoe ran up and rubbed its nose against my tail. A vena also drew close. It noticed the movements of my tail and began to mimic them with its own tail. After some initial hesitation, a snowflear came up and tried to climb up my back, with no success. I paid little attention to these creatures' antics. Then a small wintachilla came up to me and snuggled against my body. Even though I was a glacier tutani, I could feel the warmth of the wintachilla’s fur. I became intrigued by my first encounter with something that was not cold. While the minions were investigating this strange white creature that had come into their midst, the snow fairies had been seemingly darting about aimlessly. Eventually I became so curious about the fairies’ behavior that I lifted up my head and cooed. The coo got the fairies’ attention. They flew towards me and I felt their touch against my skin for the first time. I cooed again, and a winter puff landed on top of my head. I was unsure about this kind of contact, but I nevertheless had little animosity towards it. After a couple of hours the fairies and the minions left, and I was alone. At least, I thought I was alone until I felt something rubbing against my side. The wintachilla had stayed behind. I cupped my fin around the wintachilla and held it close. I didn't really realize it then, but I had made my first special friend.

Time passed and I grew closer to the fairies and the minions of the Arctic Frost. The fairies would draw near and I would hear their tiny voices like whispers on the wind. At first, I struggled to understand what the snow fairies were saying. Even after I grew more familiar with their mannerisms and voices, the snow fairies would still occasionally say things that I couldn't understand. What did they mean by "good deeds and good will towards Subeta?" Despite the slight language barrier, the snow fairies would bring me food to eat. This generosity allowed me to obtain sustenance from something other than ice and snow for the first time since leaving my master's lab. The minions became good playmates. They climbed my back and would slide down into the snow as well as play in snow drifts that I had made with my powers. I grew to enjoy seeing the minions playing in the snow drifts, which would be strange considering I was supposed to be a creature that wasn't meant to feel happiness. I slowly grew to care for the all the minions, but the wintachilla was the one I grew to love the most. The wintachilla would sometimes play with the others, but it always stayed by my side when the others left. Most nights, when the frigid winds of the Arctic Frost blanketed the white landscape, the wintachilla would snuggle close and try to take cover from the cold under my fin.

Several months later, I saw a familiar figure walking across the snow. It was my creator. He saw me and came closer, holding a giant bag in his hands. He told me that I was to capture the snow fairies and bring them to him. It wasn't hard to grant my master's wishes, since the snow fairies had grown to trust me. When I found a snow fairy, I would lie on the ground until the fairy got close, then I would encase the fairies in a sphere of ice with my powers. I came back to my master with about 20 captured fairies. I followed him back to his lab, where I had been created.

At the lab, my master had a large machine and some strange tubes. He put five of the captured fairies in a container, placed the container inside the machine, and turned the machine on. The spheres of ice began to glow; the color of the glow was determined by the fairy within. I saw the tubes begin to glow as well, and soon some kind of sparkly dust was being moved through the tubes. Then a white glow appeared in a small round container at the end of the tubes. As I watched, the glow faded slightly and revealed a key being formed in the container. “Yes!” my master muttered, “with this key I can unlock the secret treasure of the fairies!” “Please help us,” whispered the fairies, “he is trying to use magic for his own evil ends!” I remembered how the fairies had been kind to me, and my heart began to pity the poor fairies. Suddenly, my wintachilla friend, who I had held close to me all this time, jumped on my master, which startled him. Angry at this interference, he grabbed the wintachilla and threw him. The wintachilla landed right next to where the key was being formed. Even though I was supposed to have a heart of ice, I became angry that someone would treat an innocent creature so harshly. I began to coo and the ice encasing the fairies began to break. “What?! No!!! What are you doing?!” my master cried. He was angry, but my loyalty was now with the fairies and I was going to protect them. The ice finally broke and the fairies darted across the room. My frustrated master tried to recapture the fairies with no success. Without the fairies’ magic, the key could not properly materialize and was left in a deformed state. After I saw that all the fairies were safe, I grabbed my wintachilla friend, darted into the frigid pond and swam away, never to return to my birthplace.

I wandered the Arctic Frost until I found a small cave inside a floating glacier, which I decided to make my home. I sought out the fairies and apologized for my actions. They revealed to me through their whispers that the key that my master had tried to create allowed the possessor a path to discover the secrets of the fairies. Such an artifact, of course could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Using my powers, I moved my glacier home closer to the mainland so I could reach the Arctic Frost with a quick swim. I once again played with the creatures of the Arctic Frost, and my powers continued to grow. I grew even closer to my wintachilla friend and named her Snowdrift, and I began to help the snow fairies with their good deeds. In such endeavors I saw the village and its wonders. I saw fire, warmth, community and love.

Well, now I am preparing to leave the Arctic Frost and set out to see the rest of Subeta’s wonders. Why do I have this sudden new desire for exploration? Well, one day when I was playing with the minions and snow fairies, I spotted a very strange sight. I had never seen anything like it; a creature with skin the same color as mine had wandered into the Polar Fields. On closer inspection I noticed that this newcomer appeared rather unfamiliar with its surroundings, so I brought the creature to my cave home. Over the next several weeks, I learned much about the newcomer. I discovered that this strange creature was an aeanoid, a plant being that can be found in some corners of Subeta. The aeanoid’s name was Iason_Mink, and she was enthralled when I told her my story. Like me, Iason had ice powers, and it was her mission to use them to heal plant life all over Subeta. I began to wonder if I could use my own icy powers for similar purposes, and Iason felt that it was worth a shot. So now I am leaving my frozen wonderland with my sister of the ice and snow. I feel that even though I will be entering much warmer climates than I am accustomed to, I will be able to manage due to the strength of my icy heart and powers. I am leaving now, but as sure as the bitter, freezing winds bring chills to one’s bones, I will come back to my home in this frozen land. For I am GleamSnowette, the tutani of ice and snow, friend of the snow fairies and of the creatures of the Arctic Frost.

story inspired by Smurfette from the Smurfs

Pet Treasure

Bucket of Icewater

Gate Keeper Gem of Power

Ice Stone

Bottled Ice

Frozen Orbs

Frozen Heart

Ice Tear Crystal

Hikei Floating Orbs

Frozen Breath of Fraustus

Random Mystery Ring









Frozen Yeti Spider

Ice Swan

Snow Crow

Arctic Frost Ptarmigan


Ice Dragon





Winter Puff


Jack Frost

Aurora Fox


Frozen Rose Key

Caring for Snow Fairies

Arctic Frost Fairy Tales

Entranced Snow Fairy

Snow Fairy

Entranced Yellow Snow Fairy

Yellow Snow Fairy

Entranced Red Snow Fairy

Red Snow Fairy

Entranced Green Snow Fairy

Green Snow Fairy

Entranced Violet Snow Fairy

Violet Snow Fairy

Entranced White Snow Fairy

White Snow Fairy

Entranced Pink Snow Fairy

Pink Snow Fairy

Entranced Bluegreen Snow Fairy

Bluegreen Snow Fairy

Iceflow Glacier Fragment

Enchanted Ice Fragment



Special Snowflake

Icy Shimmerdust

Pile of Snow

Pet Friends

Iason and Gleam consider each other as "sisters" because they both use their powers to help others.