Santiago has a minion!

Minion the Selaviri

Legacy Name: Santiago

The Custom Steamwork Velosotor
Owner: Santiago

Age: 8 years, 2 months, 1 day

Born: March 12th, 2013

Adopted: 4 years, 9 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: August 4th, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
April 9th


  • Level: 55
  • Strength: 17
  • Defense: 18
  • Speed: 56
  • Health: 57
  • HP: 57/57
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

"Giant bipedal battlemechs.
When I told everyone that was my big idea, all I got was laughter. I think the ones that were laughing hoped I would join in. I didn't."

- Santiago

The ground was damp and cold. He could smell the earth beneath him. His head was pounding. How could that be? Dead men don't have headaches.

He remembered the breaking of his bones and the crushing feeling of his chest that had made every breath hell. He had tasted the blood, then blackness and the loss of consciousness.

The damned beasts had pushed him into a corner after he had succeeded in luring them away from the others and that had been his death sentence. Even his highly developed fighting machine could not withstand the beasts driven by pure hate.

He should be dead and yet he lay here, naked as a newborn baby, alive. How was this possible? The dark-haired man couldn't explain it. He slowly opened his eyes. It was dark, only narrow beams of light from above broke through the darkness. Water dripped softly onto the earthy ground, disturbing the silence.

The man with the short dark hair moaned softly before he tried to sit up. Due to the abrupt movement, the pain burned into his head like a hot iron and he paused briefly to wait until it ebbed a little. He looked around, taking care not to move his head too fast.

As his eyes got used to the darkness, he realized that he was sitting in a pit. His eyes slowly moved upwards and it was hard for him to estimate how deep it was. The pit was covered by a thick blanket of plants. Only little light was able to pass through. The pain in his head made his vision blur, so he had to lower his gaze again. He sighed. His gaze focused on his wrist, which had a diamond-shaped implant embedded in it. The man frowned and wondered what idiot had implanted this shit in him and more importantly, what was it good for? He gently touched the thing. It felt strangely cool and he couldn't really identify the metallic-looking material. It fit his arm perfectly, though.

A soft rustling from above distracted the man and he tried to find the source of it. Too quickly he looked up and again a stabbing pain shot through his head. "Shit," he quietly cursed, whereupon the rustling stopped immediately.

The man could see a 50 cm long lizard in one of the small beams of light that broke on the wall. It had a narrow tail, as long as the lizard’s body. On the back, two fluorescent stripes were visible and the tail ended in a drop-like thickening, which glowed in a weak warm light.Santiago knew this type of lizard very well and swallowed hard.

This is a fucking joke, right? It can't be? I can't be back there? I don't want to be back there.He looked at the lizard, who was watching him curiously. The creature chirped softly and then disappeared back up through the canopy.

He felt anger rising inside him. It had taken him more than two years to escape the Ark, to trick the system and find a way back to Earth with the others. His plan had worked and they had actually succeeded. They had landed on Earth only to find that it was in a pathetic state. Now they had sent him back to that hell? Naked in a damn pit he couldn't get out of? He growled softly, but stopped immediately when he heard footsteps approaching, followed by a soft rustle. He tried to concentrate on the sounds, made difficult thanks to the nagging headache. The glowtail, as Helena had called this species of lizard, hung just below the plant cover on the wall to watch the man again. The steps were no longer audible.

"Tara ?" called a male voice softly, which the glowtail answered immediately with a warm chirp.

"What have you found now?" The voice came closer and he heard someone kneeling down to remove the plants that covered the pit.

The man's gaze wandered upwards. At least there seemed to be others here. He was not the only one. Even if he would never admit, he was glad about it.

It took a moment before the owner of the voice had created a hole big enough to look down. The incoming light blinded the guy in the pit and he had to close his eyes and shield them with his hand. It took him a moment to get used to the rather bright light and getting the pain in his head under control.

"Oh..." said the voice in surprise when he saw a human being down there. The young man had obviously not expected to find someone in the pit. The light hair hung down his face. Part of his upper body was covered by a Tek-armor. It looked far more advanced than what the man in the pit had developed. Curiosity burned high in him.

"What-" the younger man started, but the guy in the pit immediately cut him off. He was in pain and he wanted to know what was going on. He had never shown much consideration for others.

"Where am I?" His voice sounded rough and much more pathetic than he had expected, as if he hadn't talked for a long time and the words obviously confused the young guy looking down at him. He shook his head slightly.

"No, you are on Earth. Pretty fucked up, but Earth," the one from above answered unexpectedly friendly.

The dark-haired man took a deep breath. After all, he was still on earth.
"Can you get me out of this fucking pit?" He looked further up, which became more and more difficult for him as time went on. The bright light increased the pain in his head significantly. The young fellow rubbed his neck grinning briefly. It had not escaped his notice that the guy down there was not wearing any clothes.

"You're naked." He stated. "And how did you get down there?" The young man almost seemed amused.

"You'll have to ask the nice person who put me in this fucking hole." the dark-haired man's words dripped with sarcasm. The headache made is mood worse. He often was sarcastic and a real jerk and the bad mood only made it worse. Many couldn't deal with it but apparently the guy above didn't seem to mind and just raised his eyebrows slightly.

"I'll get you some clothes and a rope so you can get out." He stood up, but paused once more and looked down.

"What's your name?" he asked openly.

"Does it matter? But if it makes you happy, Santiago." the man in the hole growled in a huff. "And to whom I have the honor of speaking?"

"Jamie." The other one introduced himself and smiled for a moment, completely unaffected by Santiago's mood, before he disappeared.

Santiago pulled a face and leaned against the wall exhausted. The glowtail was still sitting on the wall, watching stranger curiously. The animal almost looked as if it was assessing whether it was safe to approach further. Santiago assumed that the guy named Jamie must have been on the Ark as well; they had so badly destroyed. Nothing else made sense, at least for Santiago. He would have to ask Jamie some questions about it.
It took quite a while until Jamie's face appeared at the pit again. He watched the man down there for a moment, who apparently had dozed off.

"You wanna put on the clothes first?" he asked a little louder. Santiago flinched before slowly lifting his eyes. He had a biting comment on his tongue, which he swallowed, for now.

"Throw that shit down." he growled instead and Jamie dropped a shirt and cargo pants into the pit.

"I hope it’s ok."

In Santiago’s opinion, the man was in far too good a mood, like all this was just a walk in the park. Didn't he know what was going on or was he just so naive? Santiago sighed softly and began to dress, which turned out to be a challenge. Santiago's whole body felt as if he hadn't moved for far too long, every bigger movement hurt and so it took some time until Santiago had finally put on the pants and shirt.

In the meantime, Jamie had started to enlarge the hole in the plant thicket. He wondered how Santiago had gotten there, especially since it had been overgrown for a long time. Jamie had not noticed any damage to the plants. He suspected that the man himself knew how he had ended up down there, but perhaps it was possible to find out. But first he had to get him out, which with Perseus’ help would not be that difficult. The Drake had laid down and watched from a safe distance.

"Will it take you the whole day ?" Santiago grumbled.

Jamie could hear the dark-haired man from downstairs and couldn't help but grin. Santiago's mood was clearly audible and he didn't seem to hide the fact that the whole situation pissed him off. Jamie could live with that. It was much easier for him to be frank, because he knew exactly what he was in for.

"I can wait until tomorrow, if you want." He smiled innocently as he looked down. He could now clearly see the face down there. Santiago's gaze did not seem very friendly.

"Then you will have to live with the fact that you let an innocent soul die down here." Santiago growled with little amusement.

"We shall see." Jamie smiled again.

Jamie disappeared again and Santiago sighed. His head ached and the painful pulling in his limbs drove him crazy, he was thirsty too and his stomach started growling.

Jamie appeared at the hole again and slowly let down a rope.Santiago looked at the rope, which slowly came towards him. The thought of climbing up did not appeal to him at all.

"Tie it around yourself. I'll pull you out." Jamie had noticed how stiff and lumbering the man below was moving.

"Let me know when you're ready." Jamie disappeared from the hole again. The glowtail named Tara watched Santiago for a moment and then scampered up.

Santiago was about to shake his head but paused, as this movement would only bring him another wave of pain. Instead, he grabbed the rope and started to tie it around his upper body.

"I'm ready." he called and was pulled up with a jerk. He reached the top faster than expected. Lying on soft grass, the sun blinded him immediately so he had to shield his eyes. It was warm and he could hear the soft chirping of birds and a loud snort that made Santiago flinch. The pain that the whole rescue operation brought with it burned hot through his body.

Santiago moaned softly and needed a moment to recognize the large silhouette that stood next to Jamie and towered above him but the feather comb on his head was unmistakable. Next to Jamie stood one of those creatures that lived deep down in the ark he had left behind. A kind of dragon that had nested there. Why was it here? And more importantly, why was it standing beside him, calm as a lamb?

"Where…?" Everything started spinning and blurring in front of Santiago's eyes. He wanted to say more, but the world went dark.

* * *

General Information:

Excelent hacker and was a member of the Federation Armed Forces. Eidetic memory and superb tech.

Description of Santiago:

Surname: Camacho
Name: Santiago
Gender: male
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: dark brown, nearly black
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Age: 29
Sexuality: Bi
Nationality: Spanish


Santiago's parents are long dead and he never talks about them so not much is known.


Slim, developing a more athletic build due to an increase in training, Spanish origin, short, messy dark hair, stubble, angular features, tends to be sleep deprived.


Simple shirts, cargo pants, combat boots, hoodies in muted coloring. He dislikes bright colors.

Notable Features:



He calls himself a jerk and often is, but deep inside he is a nice and, even kind person. He hides his true personality behind a mask of sarcasm and cynicism as past experience has left him afraid of being hurt. He can be pretty impatient with others, especially when it comes to technical tasks or hacking. He even will take it in his own hands, if he believes the person is to slow or incompentent, which is nearly everyone.

Fun facts:

Santiago loves pop music an the TV show URE Idol (United Republics of Earth).

* * *


Profile done by Santiago and special thx to Ferrox for the help on the CSS code.

Santiago is © Santiago

Human marker and pencil art done by Santiago

Overlay done by herbal

Profile inspired by Ark Survival form Wildcard Games and elements of the creature dossiers used to give the whole profile the wanted Ark survival Tek vibe.

A big thanks to Slavic for giving Santiago to me.

Pet Treasure

Holographic Datapad

Cracked White Holo-Phone

Hijacked Ziaran Personal Datapad

Cyber Caching Device

Pass of Many Uses

Dripping Hexagon Ink

Mesmerizing Screen Saver

Atebusan Scrap Metal Mask

Rift Queen Code Cracker

Lower Ziara Hair Chip

Hypercooled Microprocessor

Zone 5 Travel Pass

HiTech Replacement Cornea

Natural Spa Sound Machine

Mini Keyboard

Standard Components

Crude Components

Simple Components

Dark Mech Communications Upgrade

Friendly Sprite

Targeting Reticule LED Mask

Void Lord Holographic Schematic

Muertekings Graffiti Tag

Miniature Working Robot

Out O Time License Plate

Grave Robbing Kit

Unfinished Blueprints

Mark 77 Blueprints

Builder Blueprint

Steamwork Velosotor Schematic

Schematic Art Book


Learning Fiber Optics

Understanding Basic Physics

Annotated Engineering Book

Lower Ziara Surveillance Drone

Ectoplasm Covered Proton Pistol

Buster Sunglasses

Red Sky at Night

Dawn of the First Day

Harder Better Stronger Faster Sticker

Void Lord Rocket Sauce

Void Lord Canned Protein

Void Lord Vapor Cartridge

Void Lord Reality-Altering Pills

Supercritical Core

Subject Cryotube

Left Arm Mutagen

Contained Virus

Blue Atebus Locker

Broken Glass

Subject Cryotube Glass Shards

Rreign Skull


Pet Friends

To nice, to friendly...


I don't know what to think of him.

Why five fingers ? asking Marcus, after Marcus requested 5 fingered hands on his Mek