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Pet Spotlight - Ghost

Ghost the Silver Neela has won the Pet Spotlight!

Weekend Quests

Cinthia's Quests is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Hydrus Blob!

I'm not sure this hydrus blob is the most formidable of Merana's minions, but it gets an A for trying.

Cash Shop: Possessed Alembic

You take a breath. Your battle with the possessed Zosi has come to an end, and concerned people soon began swarming the Commerce District. Elsie tends to Zosi’s wounds before turning and smiling slightly at you. Esther begins searching the area for signs of the spirit. You’re about to leave the Underground and get out of everyone’s way until you notice a scrap of paper flutter toward you.

It floats gently into your hand. Unfolding it, you see some kind of glittering magical handwriting that reads:

“You think you’re helping, but you are not. I break contact with each of my volunteers willingly and painlessly, so when you show up and and sic your pets on them, YOU are the one hurting them. Not me. I value each one of my volunteers, as they are contributing towards a noble goal. I am writing this against my better judgment, as you are starting to annoy me. None of this concerns you. In fact, if you knew my reasons, you’d step aside and let me continue my work unimpeded. You will understand soon. Everyone will. Those who don’t shall be destroyed alongside her. It would be a shame, but I have little patience for insolent worms.”

Possessed Alembic
Somehow, the letter detects when you’ve finished reading it and bursts into magical flames before disintegrating completely. You become aware of movement in Zosi’s alchemy shop. There’s a tinkling of glass bottles and a sudden burst of light. The glow is coming from a Possessed Alembic…
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