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Latest News and Updates

Candy Shack: Chocolate

Chocolate Legeica
Chocolate Bhakoru
Chocolate Zentu
Chocolate Priggle
Chocolate Charlie
It’s fact that chocolate fixes everything.

Pet Spotlight - Kafka

Kafka the Glacier Jollin has won the Pet Spotlight!

Quest-a-thon: PRIZES part one

Wizard and Luna Beanbags
Grayscale Quentin Plushie
Annoyed Maleria Tree Decoration
Thank you everyone for participating in this year’s Quest-a-thon! We’ve started giving out the basic prizes and will be working on the prize for the top 100 folks over the next few days.

Just a reminder of what these prizes entail:

- Completing at least one quest got you: 1 pet slot, the style hoodie (which you can transform!), 5 referral points, 10 loyalty points, and the Questin' Hard achievement. This achievement gives you the forum title “Questing hard, or hardly questing?” which was the most liked suggestion in a past news post because I forgot to do a poll. SORRY EVERYONE.
- Originally, we had planned that if you completed 100 quests you would get the Green Sun Sparkle HA border. Due to some programming issues, we’ve changed it to having quested at least three days (no cap on to how many quests just the fact you did some!). So if you fit that, you get the Green Sun Sparkle HA border.

Note: The event says “total completed” and should say “days of quests completed” for some, it's been updated but the first few to get the event have the old messaging (before we sorted out the green sun sparkle HA border issue)

Second note: We're aware of the issue with the achievement being unlocked, and are looking into it.

Cash Shop: August 2021 Collection

August 2021 Collection

Wavy Sandstone Slab
Rainbow Sandstone Chunk

Small Shadowglen Skull Cave Carving
Geode Jawbreaker
Very Gneiss Rocks
Natural Agate Slice
Have a rockin’ good time with this month’s Collection from the Cash Shop.

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You can also purchase one of our older August Donation Presents or Collections!

Pet Spotlight - Ollie

Ollie the Blacklight Keeto has won the Pet Spotlight!
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